Phoenix Vital Centermanagement GmbH


Phoenix Vital Centermanagement GmbH is the coordinating company for medical centers of “phoenix”. A good center management has a significant influence on the quality of a center and therefore we created an individual concept, which we implement in the buildings as follows.

For doctors and service providers:

We care for the customised selection of professions, coordinate contacts, help with networking and cooperation of the tenants as well as public relations. Last but not least we organise internal and external events for tenants.

It is one of our goals to expand the cooperation and partnerships at the location. Taking Emmerich as an example, the cooperation extends to the entire healthcare park, i.e. between the nursing facility, clinic, kindergarten and the various forms of housing. In this way, not only the entire tenants of the center but also the immediate adjacent community benefits from the resulting synergies.

For patients and customers:

Of course, we also strive to create a place of well-being for the patients and customers of our centers, where they can feel comfortable and know, they are in good hands. We aim to ensure interdisciplinary cooperation between the individual tenants and users for the benefit of our customers and patients.

There will also be a central reception and a contact point for patients to guarantee optimal care and coordination of treatments.

We also provide a good infrastructural building management and an attractive and clear design of the common areas in the building.

In addition, we developed a concept that offers a playe to stay for patients after an outpatient procedure. There will be 10 comfortable rooms for rent in the so-called “Vital Stay”. These rooms will also be available for relatives as well as for patients or even travelers and business customers.

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